see you tomorrow my love prince-andre-of-texcoco <3
wanted to finish this before bed.
I actually started to do raven and ended up with Trigon
Trigon’s New Domain (made this at work)
The LitLeo King
The Twins
September 3rd to September 30th 5 weeks ago, gym improvement? I need a second, third, millionth opinion, I feel like I’m gaining muscle and not losing much weight, which is not what I want lol DAMN MY BIG BODY! I’ve been going a lot longer than a month, so my body in the last 3 months has probably drastically changed but I only have pictures from a month ago to today. inbox me, yeah?
Gay in Cyan/Red 3D so put on your glasses, it’s also transparent on your blog ;D

there was an HIV charity challenge where two guys (straight or not) either make out for 15 seconds or donate?